Stride Around Launches – PRESS RELEASE

STRIDE AROUND launches, with immersive 360° virtual tours and technical site inspections to the event production industry


Following success delivering Virtual Tours in lockdown to the education and business sector, Stride Around turns to the events industry.  With 25 years of event production experience, owner James Marchant, has decided to bring this his knowledge to a new interactive approach in how venues and locations are captured and shared during the pitch, preproduction and live phases.

Using a combination of 360° cameras, traditional photography and video capture, Stride Around specialising in capturing an entire venue, not only from the delegate viewpoint but also the technical production aspect. For outdoor venues, such as festivals, drone footage is also included to build up a wider understanding of the entire site.

Once captured, all the images are linked together, and then augmented with a variety of rich content. CAD plans can be downloaded from within event spaces, links to photos and videos can help explain in greater depth various elements of the venue.

As a sales tool, 360° photography can be overlaid with 3D renders, showing the transformation from a blank canvas into a proposed event set-up.  For venues, such as Expo centres, with large branding opportunities, client graphics could be overlaid onto existing billboard sites to show how the venue would look branded, without having to build the entire venue in 3D first.

Crucial for pre-orientating clients as well as the production team, an e-learning aspect can also be built into the tour, to help with H&S inductions for crew and contractors.


“Over the last 12 months, I’ve had time to reflect on how to not only re-imagine how we provide venue information to clients, but also to consider how we streamline the existing approach of multiple site visits by an array of stakeholders with various global travel restrictions.

This also demonstrates a massive cost saving to clients by reducing the number of site visits.

By creating a fully immersive, content-rich virtual tour of the event location captured in full 360°, a venue is then always available in pre-production for clients and agencies from anywhere in the world!”


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