If a “picture is worth a thousand words” imagine how many can be conveyed by a fully immersive 360° photo or panorama.

Created using specialist cameras to enable us to capture in wonderful quality and detail, viewers can move around the image using a simple web viewer, zooming in and out. Everything starts from our knowledge and experience of this immersive style of photography.

360° panoramas can be either be created with a clever “oneshot” camera which we use for speed and also for video capture. Two fish eye lenses capture 180° each which is then instantly and seamlessly blended together. HDR settings enable us to capture a scene with good depth of colour, but image size is constrained and therefore the ability to zoom right in for detail is lost. But they are great for indoor environments and perfect when speed is of the essence!

Using DSLR cameras on specialist 360° rigs allows us to create much bigger images with a huge amount of detail. Megapixel, even Gigapixel images are created by overlapping a series of images taken with one of our high resolution Canon or Sony DSLRs with specialist “L” glass lenses. Great for the purist and able to capture so much more detail, these are often used for large architectural projects or outdoor panoramas where we have less control over the natural light. Taking more time to set up and also considerably more post production time, leads these to be aimed at specific markets and needs.



Virtual Environments

If you can imagine it, one of our talented visualisers can build it. Using a suite of software such as AutoCAD, Cinema 4D and Photoshop we can bring your vision to life, and then create a tour around the images to enable your visitor to explore this virtual world.

Used within many fields, the virtual environment can be overlaid onto real captured imagery to enable you to see “current” and “proposed” spaces, whether for architectural purpose, event spaces and branding and temporary overlays.