For years inspections relied on tape measures, trundle wheels, telescopic rods or worse still a member of the survey team “pacing the site”

Luckily, laser measures or “Distos”  have provided greater accuracy more recently, but can be still very time consuming, reliant on operator precision and require accurate recording and manual entering into a CAD program to create drawings.

There’s now a new and much better way. Lightening fast, more accurate and able to generate 3D point clouds created using a “state of the art” laser scanner. Using one of these Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) systems with an experienced operator means millimetre accurate 3D plans of every room.

Once completed, a point cloud is supplied and can be imported into your CAD program of choice to create 3D renders.

Detailed pull-off dimensions can be available to all the team for planning critical elements such as rigging, staging and branding.

This can be used both inside and outside, enabling whole buildings and local topography to be captured effortlessly. Often used for projects involving creative elements such as temporary seating, ground levels can be easily ascertained and architectural capture can lead to detailed building projection being possible.