Site & Venue Inspections

We know from our experience how difficult it can be for events logistics and production staff to convey the perfect venue to their clients. And how difficult it can be to get all the stakeholders together at the same time on a site visit.

With a Virtual Tour you can walk or fly a client through the venue, taking them on the delegate journey from arrival to departure. Real 360° footage can be overlaid with beautiful 3D renders enabling clients to see how event spaces could be transformed through branding and set and staging.

Coupled with our LIDAR service, your design and production teams can be provided with full point-cloud data to enable them to take real world measurements from the files to ensure a seamless build process.

With more restrictions around travel and flying and a tighter control on budget spending, a virtual tour becomes an essential part of any decision making on venues for a fraction of the previous cost.

Virtual Tour

Our team is built around event design and production specialists, many with over 20 years’ experience of venue recces. Using this knowledge and 360° photography and video we can accurately reproduce the experience of a site visit to share with clients, co-partners, sponsors and exhibitors

Live Guided Tour

As well as allowing a free roam around the event space, as part of your pitch process or narrowing down options, you can guide your clients around the space with an online Live Guided Tour, enabling you to describe your vision and ideas in more detail, collaborate with the team on the use of spaces, and review your options live with the team.

Accurate Planning as part of COVID response

With ongoing restrictions around capacity and distancing, it’s more important than ever that venues are represented accurately at all stages of the planning.

As part of our virtual tour, basic laser measurements will be checked in all rooms and simple, accurate CAD plans generated for all event spaces to be used by H&S along with the venue’s space planning teams to accurate calculate room capacities.

Floorplans can be overlaid on top of the venue plan to orientate the viewer during the tour.


Laser measurements have provided greater accuracy for years on site inspections, but still are time consuming and require accurate recording and entering into CAD to create drawings.

Using one of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) systems with an experienced operator means mm accurate 3D plans of every rooms. Once completed and the data loaded into a 3D modelling software, detailed pull-off dimensions can be available to all the team for planning critical elements such as rigging, staging and branding.

This can be used both inside and outside, enabling whole buildings and local topography to be captured effortlessly. Often used for projects involving creative elements such as temporary seating, ground levels can be easily ascertained and architectural capture can lead to detailed building projection being possible.

Use virtual tours to help plan your outdoor event!